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Quotes By Me

“Beauty is what comes from within and shines out through your eyes. You’re beautiful on the outside, but your real beauty is seen in your eyes.”

"Everyone has a gift...gifts are good or bad..you just have to learn to use your gift for good and not let it use you for bad."

"The ones who need the most forgiving, are usually the most forgiving of others."

"All guys leave at least one time....but the best ones always come back"

"Life is like a stained shirt...you're always getting new stains, some are easy to remove, others are harder and there is always, one or two small stains, that never come out, no matter how many times you wash it."

"It can be simple and sweet or hot and fiery, romantic and loving, ...but it all says that I Love you..and you love me too..."

"Sometimes the people who seem to be the most predictable, are the ones who end up shocking you the most"

"I dont need a guy to rock my world or make it spin upside down...I need one to keep my world stable and from crashing down."

"Every night I go to bed and dream of you...and I wonder if you're dreaming of me too..."

My Favorite Quotes

My Favorite Quotes