Rain & Romance

You Will Always Be My Summer Rain

First love, first kiss, first heartbreak...This summer was a summer of firsts for Dede and it all started with her first love JT

One boy, one summer, and suddenly her life just wasn’t the same. That was how it was for Dede. Deirdre “Dede” Dubois is sixteen and spending her summer in Lakeview, South Carolina with her parents, brother and twin sister. She meets Jacob Taylor “JT” West, Lakeview’s bad boy with a motorcycle. After he saves her from drowning, she gets to know him better and he finds out that he just looks like a stereotypical bad boy; in reality he is a kind sweet boy, who loves cooking, Shakespeare and motorcycles. Over the summer they fall in love; but their love is more than just a summer romance, its true love. Their love helps them to overcome broken bones, broken hearts and crashed motorcycles. As the summer comes to an end they start to worry if their love can survive distance after everything else it survived. This leaves Dede with a dilemma; she can go back home and leave her summer romance in Lakeview, or go home and try to make a long distance relationship work. Their love has survived so much; but can it conquer its greatest challenge yet, distance or will they both be left with more broken hearts?


I went up stairs to the room I was sharing with Bebe and got some clean clothes and a towel. Then I took a shower and changed. After I got out I blew my hair dry and changed. Then I headed back downstairs. As I was heading down the stairs I stopped suddenly hearing a loud noise.

It’s not possible, I thought. There was no way. I listened and didn’t hear anything. Maybe I had just been dreaming that I had heard it. Then I heard the noise again. What is he doing here? I knew it was him automatically. I had heard that motorcycles engine a few times today. That sound would always be stuck in my head. I ran down the stairs. I opened the front door and stepped out onto the front porch. He was just getting of his bike. I ran down the front porch steps and out to meet him.

“What are you doing here?” I asked a little rudely.

“Hello to you too, Dede; it’s so nice to see you again.”

“Hello,” I said rudely, “Now why are you here?”

“Cool your jets babe. I am just returning your phone. When you fell in the parking lot, you dropped it.” He put his hand in his jacket pocket and pulled it out. Then he handed it to me. I just looked at him then I took it.

“Thanks, I didn’t realize I had lost it.”

“No problem. This isn’t as big as saving your life, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to return it.”  I just stared at him as I wondered what to say. There was something funny about the way I felt with him.

He seemed to be the world’s biggest jerk at times but at other times he seemed really sweet and kind. When I was around him I felt this odd feeling. Maybe it was attraction. I wasn’t really sure. I also felt annoyed by him, so attraction seemed a little far fetched.

“Are you going to go around town and say that you saved the new girls life?”

“No, that isn’t how I do things. I don’t broadcast that I am a good person. It ruins my image.” I wanted to laugh at this, but I just stared at him. He went on talking. “Well I just wanted to return your phone. I think I will be going.” He turned and climbed back on his bike. I watched as he put his helmet on and turned his bike on. I ran over to him and shouted over the noise.

“I really am glad you saved me. Thank you. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you enough or repay you.” He turned the bike back off. He just sat there looking at me. He lifted the visor on his helmet and looked at me with those brilliant blue eyes.

“I know how.”

“How?” I asked wondering what he would want.

He got off his bike and slipped his helmet off again. Then he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was a hard kiss, but it was perfect. It made me feel weird. This was my first kiss, not just my first kiss with him, but my first kiss ever. Without realizing it I started to kiss him back.
Then I remembered that this boy was a stranger, a stranger that had saved my life. But still he was a stranger, and I couldn’t believe I was willing to stand here and let this stranger kiss me, just because he saved my life. I pulled away and smacked him; then I turned and walked away. As I walked away I heard him laugh. I stopped and turned to look at him.

“What do you find so funny?”

“The fact that you smacked me; most girls love getting kissed by me.”

“Well I’m not most girls. I have a little class and taste. I don’t let perfect strangers kiss me; even if they did save me. Even if I did I wouldn’t let a jerk with a motorcycle kiss me.”

“Whatever you say babe,” He said as he slipped his helmet on and hopped back on his bike. He started it up, and looked at me one last time with those brilliant blue eyes.

As he drove off, I was left standing there wondering. Wondering what I was feeling and wondering if I had loved that kiss. Wondering when I would see him again.

Then I got angry at myself. Who was this boy to make me wonder and feel all of this? I decided no one; he was no one to me. But deep down, I knew that I was just lying to myself. I walked back up the front porch stairs. I went through the house and back to the back porch, where I just sat down on the swing and tried to figure everything out that had happened today. As usual I thought a lot but I didn’t come up with a real solution or reason for everything that happened and that I was feeling.