Rain & Romance

Southern Charm

He’s just a country boy and she’s a city gal. How was it possible that two people from such different worlds could be in love?

Dani and Brad are two different people, from different worlds, but they have one thing in common…They might be in love.
Dani is unwillingly spending her summer in Wakefield, South Carolina. On her first day in South Carolina, she runs into a boy at the airport and breaks her favorite pair of heels. A couple days later she meets the charming Brad Montgomery, the same boy from the airport. Dani immediately dislikes him, and is unwilling to accept his apology.
It’s going to take more than his famous southern charm for Brad to win this girl over. When Dani’s cousin Blair asks Brad to become Dani’s friend and help her adjust to the summer, he can’t say no. Once they get past the bad first impressions, they start to become friends, and then a little more than friends.
When Dani finds out that Brad didn’t originally want to be her friend, will she be able forgive him, especially when she might have feelings for him? Will her feelings for him even matter anymore when she gets a chance to make her dreams of being an actress come true?

Can a city gal and a country boy truly be happy together?

This story is full of love, romance, drama, heartache, dreams, friendship, family and best of all…Southern Charm.