Drowning Out Her World -                                      Rain & Romance
                                     Rain & Romance
All around her are the sounds of desctruction and chaos. Her world is crashing down around her but she doesn't care. She's no longer scared. She has finally accepted that this is the way things are. But sometimes she can't stand the noise. All she wants to do is drown it out and never hear another sound.
She locks herself in her bedroom and hears the sounds of arguing coming from another room. She sighs and a tear slowly rolls down her face. She picks up her headphones and slips them on. She turns the volume all the way up until all she hears is the music pounding in her ears. She closes her eyes and lays back on her back. Finally she finds the peace she needs and she drowns out her world.
3/29/2010 13:35:16

Love the site girly!



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    Elaine S. Obi

     I'm sixteen. I love figure skating and writing. Romance is my favorite thing. I am from the south and I love the rain.



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