Rain & Romance
She is afraid of something she can't control. She fears something most people beg for. She's scared of the silence. She's scared of what it could mean. It seems so dark and mysterious to her, like another world. She doesn't want to face the silence and what she's afraid it would bring. So she remains loud, making sure her voice it heard.
She's always be loud. But it's the only way she knew how to protect herself from being forgotten. She's afraid the day she her voice goes quiet and all that is left is silence she'll to disappear with the sound.
She wonders what would happen if she let the silence take over. Would she find peace? Or would her worst fears be realized, and she'd be forgotten. Would she be forgotten like an old toy from her childhood? Become nothing more than a fading memory.
As she continues to think about the silence she suddenly starts to scream. Trying hard to break the spell on the night. She can't stop screaming because she's truely afraid that as soon as her voice ceases then she too will cease to exist. And shell be nothing more than a whisper in the wind.
When her voice finally dies away what will be left of the scared girl who was afraid the world would forget her. Will someone still see her even if she is silent? Will they remember she is here? Will they remember how much she needs to be loved and heard?
Only the silence knows the answers...But she never wants to find out...

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    Elaine S. Obi

     I'm sixteen. I love figure skating and writing. Romance is my favorite thing. I am from the south and I love the rain.



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